GW BASICS is our new collection, simply featuring our logo on the chest. GW BASICS is made out of high quality organic cotton, which makes it super comfortable to wear.  Everything is also made under fair conditions. 
With that collection we also want to share some basic truths about our God & Savior Jesus Christ and his love towards us. 

We believe that God loves and cares about his people and everything he created. So we should act responsibly when it comes to his creation, especially humans. God cares so deeply for us that he sent his own son to die for us. For the joy set before him Christ endured the cross for us (Heb. 12). This joy is a life with you and me here on this wild earth and for all eternity in heaven.
As a brand we make it our goal to be transparent and our fashion will not harm anyone: nature, animals or people.

Be fair. Feel the difference. Be the difference.